Regional Energy Network Romania

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Oana Raita

National Institute for Research and Development of Isotopic and Molecular Technologies

Alexandra Stoica


130 members

The network gathers competencies emerging from all the regional members: universities, research institutes, local authorities, SMEs, active in the field of energy. As network, the major competence consists in facilitating the cooperation between its members in order to implement new technologies for the use of renewable energy on a larger regional scale. At the same time, the network has developed competences in promoting and supporting the members to get in contact with other European partners and clusters in the field of renewable energy.

References and Experience
  • The Regional Energy Network began its activities in 2012, in the North-West Development Region of Romania. The network was launched in the framework of the Trans-national Renewable Energy Cluster TREC, a European Territorial Cooperation project that facilitated the organization of such networks in Cluj (Romania) and Western Macedonia (Greece), benefitting from the good practices transferred by the existing renewable energy clusters and networks from Saxony (Germany).
  • The regional network from Romania has not become a legal entity after the European TREC project was finalised, consequently its activities are occasioned by project proposals that might be submitted on new calls concerning clusters, at national or European level.
Network Focus
  • contributing to a better capitalizing of the research results obtained in universities and research centres, by organizing meetings with representatives of research centres, universities and representatives from SMEs active in the encompassing field of energy
  • identifying appropriate national and EU programs for financing SMEs mostly in the field of renewable energy production and distribution
  • enlarging the number of members and strengthening their partnerships
Unique Selling Point

The only regional network specialized in energy matters in Northern Transylvania.