ICIA – National Institute for Research

#Circular Economy

#Environmental Analytics


Mrs. Cecilia-Maria Roman, PhD

Head of Research-Development department

  • Development of new and advanced technologies to obtain biofuels (2nd and 3rd generation)
  • Environmental quality evaluation (soil, water, sediment, food)
  • Liquid fuels and biofuels certification according to European standards
  • Environmental analytics and clean technologies education and training
References and Experience

Significant results:

  • technology and small capacity installation for obtaining biofuels from raw and used vegetable oils
  • pilot plant for obtaining bioethanol from sugar beet
  • modern technologies to convert bioethanol into biofuel
  • strategic national proposal for biofuels and the BIOMASA Action Plan
  • technology for enzymatic hydrolysis of starch
  • technology to obtain biodiesel by treating fatty acids, esters and their glycerides with hydrogen rich gas
  • technology and installation to obtain second generation biofuels by chemical hydrolysis of lignocellulosic waste
  • technology and installation to obtain second generation biofuels by enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulosic wastes
  • technology and plug-flow installation for obtaining biogas from biogenic wastes
  • technology and up-flow installation for obtaining biogas from biogenic wastes
  • biogas standard proposal
  • technology and pilot installation to obtain biofuels from oils that result as by products from the process of vegetable protein production
  • national campaign carried out for promoting the advantages of using biofuels
  • development of Technological Platform for Biofuels in Romania, BIOCARO
  • affiliation to The European Renewable Energy Research Centers Agency EUREC
  • admission in the European Biofuels Technology Platform
Network Focus
  • Innovative technologies and installations for producing biofuels (e.g. biodiesel, bioethanol from wood, biogas from biogenic wastes)
  • Biofuels installation scaling-up consultancy
  • New, modern, green analytical methods for environmental issues
Unique Selling Point
  • Development of technologies and corresponding installation for obtaining biofuels.
  • International recognition of own results in the biofuels area, materialized through the admission in EUREC Agency and promoter of the National Technological Biofuel Platform BIOCARO (www.biocaro.ro)